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Over the last 4 years, Route To Employment have been running leadership courses for Business people and Business students where we have looked at the lessons from other areas that business can learn from. None has been more prominent than the Sporting world, an area which relies hugely on teams performing at their peak, week in week out.

Nobody, in this country at least, has been recognised for achieving this as much as Sir Alex Ferguson, and key to that success has been a leadership ability that few get to share.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Leadership qualities have recently formed the basis of a Harvard University study while his own book on the subject has just been released.

2 years ago RTE teamed up with one of Sir Alex’s former on-field generals to get an insight into the real workings of the man, and to develop this for a business context.

John McMaster spent 8 years at Aberdeen playing for Sir Alex and saw him develop a team from being worthy losers to the best in Europe, winning League titles, domestic cups and the European Cup Winner’s Cup, along with the European Super Cup.

John and RTE relate the Ferguson Leadership model in a unique way that will be both educational and entertaining. It is an opportunity to expand you and your team’s leadership capability while enjoying some of the inside stories about the great man.

Meanwhile the BBC have been speaking about RTE’s work with John McMaster in a recent article on their website.

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