Neon Energy Drink


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Imagine a healthy energy drink with all the boost and no crash. Now imagine it glowing in the dark!

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NEON Energy Drink®

Finally, an energy drink with good taste.

1. What is NEON Energy Drink?

NEON is a great-tasting energy drink with a proprietary blend of ingredients for energy and antioxidant support, and is ideal for an energy boost pre-workout, post-workout, or anytime you need it.

2. What flavors are available?

NEON Energy drink is currently available in a delicious, refreshing tropical fruit flavor. Stay tuned for additional flavors that may be coming soon.

3. What are the key ingredients and benefits of NEON?

There are seven essential B vitamins, as well as caffeine from Green Tea Extract, 24% fruit juice from concentrate in a proprietary blend of seven fruit juices, prickly pear and Gotu Kola. NEON provides an energy boost that lasts, without the crash that some other energy drinks may provide, and is just 100 calories per serving.

4. How much caffeine is in NEON?

About 100 mg per serving. The caffeine comes from the Green Tea Extract.

5. How many calories are in the NEON Energy Drink?

NEON provides 100 calories per serving.

6. Is caffeine bad for you?

Up to 400 milligrams of caffeine a day appears to be safe for most healthy adults. That’s roughly the amount of caffeine in four cups of brewed coffee or 10 cans of cola!1,2 Consumption of moderate amounts of caffeine promotes increased alertness and wakefulness, faster and clearer flow of thought, increased focus, and better general body coordination.

7. What is the sweetener system used for the NEON Energy Drink?

NEON is sweetened with a combination of crystalline fructose—a sweetener with a low glycemic index that does not cause large surges and dips in blood glucose levels—and the natural sugars from the various fruit juice concentrates in the product.