Stage 1 Complete, An introduction to Panoptic Events


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Hello friends, family, colleagues, readers, acquaintances, strangers and whoever you are, you are all welcome.

Let me tell you a story about a journey I have been on and how Panoptic came to be.

A number of years ago I was getting a lot of requests from Friends and Colleagues. “Craig, do you know a…?” “Craig, can you get a…?” I got chatting to someone who told me what I had was a business. It took a bit of confidence building however I was going to go go it alone.

For 4 years I booked entertainment for venues, clients and sponsors. Eventually a few agencies started to get in touch. This led me away from Programming all the time to sorting out staff for their events and eventually provide full bar structures.


On Saturday 6th September 2014 around 11:30pm, I was in the car leaving the site of Midfest, Dalkeith. I had just DJed to thousands of people in between acts including The View, QFX and Big Country. Ran by Scott and Willie, this festival was great fun and a brilliant end to the Festival Season.
12 hours later I boarded a plane to Mauritius. It had been a great Summer and it was time to chill out and gather thoughts. It was here I reflected on the Summer that had been and thought about the future. I formulated a plan.

Having had the pleasure of working on some fantastic projects throughout 2014 it was time to look towards the future.
The Magners project, was outstanding fun to work on. A UK wide, 10 date event featuring some of the best up and coming acts around.
“How do I get more of these contracts?” This statement was going through my head constantly.
I had 5 weeks until I was away again, perfect timing to execute my initial plan.

In this time I started looking at Business start ups, Networking Groups, Funding, looking for colleagues, getting a website, setting up email address, speaking to as many people as I could and also looking for bits of work.

Panoptic was born.

What has happened since has been a journey into what was then, the unknown. The world of Business. Advice from lots of people in other sectors of industry. Old friends and colleagues have offered advice and pointed me in direction of someone, or some other company that can help. Who knew just by talking to people and asking questions you could get so much information. A series of weekly meetings, an appointments diary, a to do list, a creative way of thinking, a long list of ideas, discipline, insurances, finance, accountant, 6am rises, all nighters, networking meetings, a detached ankle injury, plenty of sleepless nights, coffee, beer and most importantly fun.

What is Panoptic?

Panoptic is an Event Solutions Company. We offer a range of services falling into the below categories:

Programming / Staff / Structures / Solutions / Ideas

Programming – e.g. Bands / DJ’s / Pipers / Pianists / Entertainers / Finishing touches to your event.

Staff – e.g. Bar Staff / Event Staff / Production Staff / Techs / Security and more, all with experience.

Structures – e.g. Bars / Marquees / Tables / Chairs / Venues and other physical items

Solutions – e.g. Consultancy / Experiential Marketing / Problem solving / Introductions / Presentations & more

Ideas – e.g. Creation of Events / Product launches / Your idea a reality?

Panoptic look for solutions, solutions to your event needs.

Panoptic have carefully selected a number of partners we trust to work alongside and will make sure we offer an industry standard service. We pride ourselves on quality and will meet your exact needs.

The future?

Today I met up with a web designer to finalise plans for a new website and then picked up Business Cards. I am now happy with the product moving forward. I walked out of the printers with a smile on my face knowing that today is the start of the next part of the journey.

Stage 1 Complete!

A few thank you’s: My girlfriend Jennifer for her support and belief, my family, my friends, especially Martyn Stuart for covering last minute DJ gigs, Keren McKean for her guidance and support, Tony McGowan for forcing me to go self employed 5 years ago, my colleagues at BNI Trailblazers who are there to support and allow me to bounce ideas off of. Phil Simpson at 525 for advice on my accounts and his belief and drive, Harry Sahota for not giving up on getting me to head to the morning meetings, Linda McBride for her advice on goal setting, David Scott for his introductions and confidence, Louise Graham for advice on startups, Marlyn and Geoff at Y.E.S, Liz Diggins at Jobs & Businesses Glasgow, Kat Pesaran & Julia Bruns for the continued belief, JCI Glasgow for electing me to the Board of Directors for Events. Fraser Ferguson for his chat on ‘Graft’ that possibly prompted this update. Everyone else who has listened and offered advice.
A massive thank you to every client who has came to us, every artist who has played an event, all the staff who have worked with us.
The list is growing and growing.

Stage 2 starts now.

To the future.

Best Wishes!

Craig McGee